Entry desk phones

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  • ALE 8001

    ALE 8001

    Alcatel-Lucent 8001/8001G DeskPhone The Alcatel-Lucent 8001/8001G DeskPhone is a cost-effective, business-grade phone offering SIP telephony for essential communications. 8001/8001G graphical display can show up to five lines of text simultaneously, and 8001/8001G features an elegant user interface and clear operations to provide an excellent user experience. Moreover, the Alcatel-Lucent 8001/8001G DeskPhone creates a unique, vivid audio expe...

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  • ALE 8018

    ALE 8018

    ALCATEL-LUCENT 8018 DESKPHONE Today’s business leaders need communication technologies that empower employees to deliver an outstanding service, and can lead to company growth. Industries such as hospitality and healthcare are looking for cost-effective ways to offer an exceptional in-room communication experience to guests and patients. Built on the success and practicality of the Premium DeskPhone line, the new eco-friendly Alcatel-L...

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