8088 Smart DeskPhone Hospitality


In-room Deskphone: The Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart DeskPhone


The Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart DeskPhone transforms your guest communication experience with its sleek and intuitive interface design. Its seven-inch vivid touch screen offers a smooth multimedia experience, while the Bluetooth handset with outstanding audio allows in-room mobility with excellent audio quality anywhere. The 8088 Smart DeskPhone features adapted services both for guests and hotel administration. It is your in-room brand advocate with its personalized welcome and customizable interface, adapted to the hotel’s visual identity. It offers one-touch access to hotel spaces and services. Further services, such as room automation, can be added on top of this standard package with the Smart Guest Applications package, available off-the-shelf.




  • Elegant phone design with large color touch screen The elegant design makes it a great brand advocate in all hotel rooms or spaces
  • Personalizable interface
  • Starting from color scheme, ringtones, background images and screensavers, the 8088 Smart DeskPhone is customizable to reflect the hotels visual identity.
  • Adapted hospitality features
  • Guest services offer guests one-touch access to hotel spaces and services.
  • Hotel administration features offer easy control on the terminals interfaces and enhanced visibility on the room set use.
  • Easy one-touch access to all hotel services and spaces
  • Integration with Smart Guest Applications
  • Further hotel services and room automation integration are possible with the Smart Guest Application package, available off-the-shelf.
  • Outstanding audio HD audio anywhere in the room.
  • Ambient light sensor The brightness is auto-adjusted for a better visual comfort depending on lighting (night or daylight).
  • Wireless handset Better in-room mobility and excellent audio quality.



  • Build a package of apps tailored to your hotel’s visitors and run them on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Smart DeskPhones.
  • With Smart Guest Applications, guests can access convenient features on their room phone, for example, In-room environment control (lights, blinds, air conditioning, privacy), Do Not Disturb and more.
  • Hoteliers can customize on-screen presentations to display a welcome message, a hotel tour or promote nearby services, leisure or business activities.
  • Smart applications make it easier than ever for guests to order room service or make an appointment to enjoy hotel amenities.
  • Guests can choose preferred language from up to 29 supported languages
  • 'Room ready' code indicates room availability for cleaning.