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  • Alcatel Hospitality Cloud Solution

    Alcatel Hospitality Cloud Solution

    Embrace flexible, secure, and innovative communications services Pay-as-you-use services based on occupancy The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud is a powerful communication suite for hospitality businesses of any size and category. It allows them to provide their guests and employees with advanced communication services while controlling costs, shifting from CAPEX to OPEX using a unique occupancy rate based business model. The hotel s...

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  • Healthcare Unified Collaboration

    Healthcare Unified Collaboration

    Healthcare Unified Collaboration Solutions     UC Collaboration between medical staff via IM, voice, teleconferencing, sharing documentation, inter-sites communications Teleconsultation: Implement video technologies where patients can connect with doctors for a virtual visit Collaborate with non resident physicians Build a UC network interconnecting multiple hospitals and heathcare sites   Healthcare Unified ...

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  • 8088 Smart DeskPhone Hospitality

    8088 Smart DeskPhone Hospitality

    In-room Deskphone: The Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart DeskPhone   The Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart DeskPhone transforms your guest communication experience with its sleek and intuitive interface design. Its seven-inch vivid touch screen offers a smooth multimedia experience, while the Bluetooth handset with outstanding audio allows in-room mobility with excellent audio quality anywhere. The 8088 Smart DeskPhone features adapted services both ...

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