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  • Patient Reminders

    Patient Reminders

    Solutions for Patient Reminders Avoid Missed Appointments Increase Medication Adherence Reduce Economic Losses due to No-Shows   Avoid missed appointments Increase medication adherence Promote healthy behaviors by sending SMS reminders Increase medication adherence for patients with cardiovascular disease Increase frequency of blood pressure measurement among outpatients Designed for adults taking medication fo...

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  • Heathcare hospitality

    Heathcare hospitality

    Healthcare Hospitality Solutions     Improve the Hospitality Provided in Healthcare   Healthcare Hospitality Products Alcatel e-Concierge, IP TV, triple play: Hotel concierge application offers enhanced guest services on computers, tablets and smartphones before, during and after their stay at a property. For hotels having hotel concierge application and willing to enable telephony services inside their App...

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  • Healthcare Unified Collaboration

    Healthcare Unified Collaboration

    Healthcare Unified Collaboration Solutions     UC Collaboration between medical staff via IM, voice, teleconferencing, sharing documentation, inter-sites communications Teleconsultation: Implement video technologies where patients can connect with doctors for a virtual visit Collaborate with non resident physicians Build a UC network interconnecting multiple hospitals and heathcare sites   Healthcare Unified ...

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  • Heathcare Notification Service

    Heathcare Notification Service

    Solutions for a Healthcare Notification Service   Our solutions for a Heathcare Notification Service enable hospitals and healthcare centers to:   Roll out notification services based on flexible and secure alarm workflows to alert mobile nurses Set up multiple notification forms such as nurse calls, patient wandering detection Provide situational awareness — such as location, calendar or availability Secure c...

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  • Patient Greetings

    Patient Greetings

    Care Unit Patient Greetings     Improve the patient welcome by optimizing attendant team management. Provide your attendants with a real-time monitoring tool that displays performance metrics to help them quickly identify weaknesses and adopt corrective strategies. Relieve stretched care units’ resources from repetitive tasks. Roll out a flexible call routing strategy at the care unit level based on skills, calendar, loca...

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