Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Cloud


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

The Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow is a cloud-based centric app platform connecting business users, third-party contacts (customers, suppliers, third-parties, ....) and systems, to enhance collaboration and productivity, and is currently available as a freemium offering.
Its features include built in cloud collaboration and communication features such as presence, click-to-call from desk phone, multimedia conference and more.



  • Secure hybrid business cloud solution enabling end users, suppliers and customers to collaborate and communicate.

  • Suitable for small and and multinational organizations,
  • Capacity to integrate with business applications.

  • Available from any device: desktop (PC/MAC and Web) or smartphone (iOS and Android).

  • Connectable with ALE OXO Connect and OmniPCX Enterprise products

  • Connectable with 3rd party installed telephony system (3rd party IP PBXs, TDMs, ...) from different vendors.

  • Priced per user and pay per use in conference in 3 flavours:
    • Rainbow Essential : Free of charge version for small teams, or anyone who wants to try RainbowTM for an unlimited period of time (no SLA)
    • Rainbow Business for teams and businesses ready to make Rainbow the center for their projects and business communications, with guaranteed uptime.
    • Rainbow Enterprise includes all services from Rainbow Business plus collaborative multi-party services, office tools integrations (Microsoft Office integration) and premium services to administrators.
    • Optional Service Rainbow Conference charged on a price per minute per connection basis to add to the three offers: for Instant and meet me PSTN conferences created from within Rainbow.




  • Collaboration services
    • Multiple platforms (Desktop, Web, iPhone, Android)
    • User self-enrolment and profile management
    • Search engine
    • Contacts, contact groups, guests management
    • Conversations management
    • Chat (1 on 1, group chat)
    • Presence information
    • Voice and video calling, screen sharing - 1 on 1
    • Call history
    • Team collaboration (bubbles)
    • File sharing, storage
    • Microsoft Outlook plug-ins, incl. contact search
    • Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online calendar information
    • Microsoft Azure Active Directory contact search
  • Hybrid services (telephony services)
    • Business phone control
    • Phone presence
    • Basic call control (call, answer, release), call logging
    • Caller identification, contact search
    • Advanced call control (up to 3 participants), call forwarding
    • Voicemail (notifications, call)
    • Microsoft Skype for Business connector
  • Management services
    • Company administration and control
    • Custom company logo, custom company banner
  • Support
    • Digital Help Center (FAQ, knowledge base, proactive comm., production notes)
    • SLA and help desk
    • Uptime