Alcatel Hospitality Cloud Solution


Embrace flexible, secure, and innovative communications services

Pay-as-you-use services based on occupancy

The Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud is a powerful communication suite for hospitality businesses of any size and category.
It allows them to provide their guests and employees with advanced communication services while controlling costs, shifting from CAPEX to OPEX using a unique occupancy rate based business model. The hotel solution is easily customizable to every hotel category. It allows easy addition or removal of rooms, users or services to build an à-la-carte selection of hotel services and hotel applications.


The OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud provides a memorable guest experience:
✚ Simplified check-in
A hotel link for PMS integration provides complete guest management: Check-in, checkout, guest voicemail, wake-up calls and enhanced telephony features for guest rooms through easy-to-use APIs.
✚ Mobile guest experience
The Mobile Guest SoftPhone application allows guests to use their own devices, inside and outside the hotel, as an extension of their hotel room phone. They benefit from free communications through wireless networks and quick access to the hotel services directory via a simple, customized mobile interface.
✚ Unique communication experience in the room:

  • Personalized welcome, in up to eight languages, with guest name and room number displayed plus hotel services presented on the room phone set.
  • Smart guest applications: Connected room experience via the digital hotel tour plus integrated room environment control of A/C, lights, curtains, and more. This offer is available, on-demand, on Smart DeskPhones.

✚ Room communications services:

  • Guest check-in, checkout
  • Automated wake-up calls
  • Room and mini-bar provisioning
  • Guest mailbox
  • Voice guides in eight languages


Centralized collection and aggregation of alarms from different subsystems, notification of the most appropriate person in real-time using industry-specific communication systems, and taking into account staff mobility. This is available on demand via the OpenTouch Notification Service.


Advance Unified Communications business and telephony features plus automated attendant and contact center services deliver exceptional customer service.


OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud lets employees easily connect to and exchange rich, context-based information without compromising security or quality - from any place and through any device. They can retrieve personal and professional features on the devices they choose, or shift between devices to adapt to the context of a conversation, delivering a superior customer experience.


OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud reduces up-front costs for a lean approach:
Hotels can take advantage of flexible licensing models based on occupancy rates paying only for rooms actually occupied on a monthly basis. They can also accelerate technology adoption and new services deployment while cutting deployment costs. Maintenance and upgrade costs are transformed into predictable OPEX via monthly fees.


Expert hosting is handled externally in secure conditions that include physical security, power and cooling for the servers. Redundancies are in place making service interruptions a thing of the past. All maintenance costs are included in the monthly hosting fees. Enjoy a simple and effective solution that delivers optimal returns across multiple hotels:
The hotel solution is always running the latest software release and benefits from the latest security updates.


OpenTouch Hospitality Cloud can adjust on the fly to meet the needs of any hotel. New capabilities, or increased capacity, can be added in the network without requiring minimum or additional hardware to be installed on site. The capacity can also be decreased any time, following business changes and dynamics, without additional cost or penalties. It is a true pay-as-you-go solution that also offers a flexible subscription.